Why lyocell t-shirt can be men's best go-to t-shirt

Posted by Nicolas Mekchoudi on

For your active lifestyle, or leisure wear with your best jeans, lyocell tee-shirt can be your all-in-one men's tee.

Lyocell t shirt mens

Different comfort level

Not your regular cotton or synthetic shirt: The feel is slick, dense, SUPER soft and hypoallergenic, Lyocell feels like a cocoon, especially blended with organic cotton for strength and spandex for stretch.

Breathable, naturally odor resistant and anti-microbial, fresher longer therefore less washing

Tencel™ lyocell  fabric is more breathable than any synthetic fabrics (Polyester/nylon) with no added chemical (Dry-Fit and the likes) because lyocell comes from wood pulp, natural beings, trees, plants (Hemp, linen..), animal (Merino wool, silk, ) have to sustain high temperature and humidity variations all the time and adapts. The smooth surface of lyocell is unfavorable for bacterial growth, organically anti-microbial, less odor, more hygenic.

(Tencel™ is a branded type of lyocell fibers made by Austrian company Lenzing, made exclusively of Eucalyptus wood pulp in sustainably managed, controlled and certified forests.)

Lyocell activeweara and t-shirts for men

Eco-friendly clothing
For your environmental conscientious green mind, think: Sustainability, ecological closed-loop fabrication process, less CO2 rejection and water usage (Unlike polyester/nylon that are bad for both) and biodegradable, natural fibers go back to nature where they come from originally. Being a non-synthetic, non-petroleum based material, no micro-plastics are rejected. More about the environmental benefits of lyocell

Lyocell is ecological, naturally breathable, hypo-allergenic and just feel great on your skin. Get lyocell clothing and you won’t go back to polyester!

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