What fabric makes the best sportswear?

Posted by Nicolas Mekchoudi on

For workout clothes, moisture management and breath-ability are essential to comfort and performance. Our new Tencel™ Lyocell athletic wear helps you to do just that NATURALLY! No added chemicals!

Why activewear made of natural textiles are better? Natural fibers keep you comfortable, not too hot, not too cold, and help regulate the body temperature whenever you workout in the winter cold, run in the scorching summer heat or just sweat it out in a hot and humid bootcamp gym.

Organic based, nature-made fibers have to withstand variations in temperature for the life of the animal or botanic beings they originate from, this is called natural thermal regulation: How a worm (silk), sheep (Merino wool), plants (bamboo and hemp clothing) or Eucalyptus trees (Tencel lyocell) have to function compared to a man-made polluting petrochemical fabric like polyester or nylon! They just biologically do it. Or they wont survive!


The best women's active wear for comfort and breathability

Get Activn natural active wear for men and women, for fitness, hiking, running, or your post-workout cool down and you won’t go back to synthetics! 

Sustainable clothing: Lenzing TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are derived from the pulp of trees. The wood used is harvested from certified and controlled source in sustainably managed plantations. The fibers are produced in a closed-loop ethical process that recovers and reuses 99% of the chemicals used and most natural fibers are compostable and biodegradable in soil and marine conditions

Lenzing sustainable fiber production

 Polyester production generates high carbon emission and even if progresses were made recently, non-synthetic textiles are hardly recyclable and absolutely non-compostable or biodegradable and participates in the rejection of micro-plastics in the oceans.