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Respect Your Body, Respect The Planet, Experience Better Workout Clothes.

Posted by Nicolas Mekchoudi on


We are wasting and rejecting a lot because we are consuming too much.

The clothing industry driven by the pressure of fast fashion & consumer demand is one of the worse culprits.

Polyester & other synthetic fibers are widely used because abundant, inexpensive & adaptable ...but polluting: High carbon emissions from production & hardly recyclable, non-compostable or biodegradable in marine and soil conditions 

In the activewear industry, the majority of fabric is polyester or nylon based, treated with chemicals for "performance" or "odor resistance".

The solution:

Buy less but better workout clothes made from non-synthetic fabrics. Good for your body, less impact on the environment.

They have great natural benefits, are better for the environment and the health of workers making them.

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are made from wood in sustainably managed plantations & produced in a closed-loop ethical process that recovers & reuses 99% of the chemicals used.

TENCEL™ like bamboo, wool, linen fibers have natural benefits for your body such as breath-ability, humidity management, durability, odor resistance, quick-drying, thermal regulation...and most natural fibers are compostable and biodegradable in soil and marine conditions.

Less washing - Natural fibers absorb moisture efficiently because less available moisture formed on the surface for bacteria: better hygienic qualities, less odour & sweat stains. 

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