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Is lyocell good for cold weather?

Posted by Nicolas Mekchoudi on

Lyocell fabric is very well adopted to cold temperature and one of the best natural fabrics to keep your warm in the winter weather for all your outdoor activities. Why is that?

Natural fibers help regulate the body temperature whenever on an early morning winter run, or a hike in the summer heat because organic based, nature-made fibers have to withstand variations in temperature, weather and humidity for the life of the animal or botanic beings they originate from. Simple.

This is called natural thermal regulation: How a worm (silk), sheep (Merino wool), plants (bamboo and hemp clothing) or Eucalyptus trees (Tencel lyocell) have to function compared to a man-made polluting petrochemical fabric like polyester or nylon! They just biologically do it. Or they wont survive!

For workout clothes, moisture management, breath-ability and temperature regulations are essential to comfort and performance.

Our Tencel™ Lyocell athletic gear helps you to do just that NATURALLY! No added chemicals! You wont't go back to synthetics clothing, for the planet and for yourself!

 (Photo: Activn NaturTec Women's 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Tencel Shirt - Aqua Blue)