Benefits of TENCEL™ Branded Clothing for Activewear

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TENCEL™ Active cellulosic fibers of botanic origin keep your body pleasantly cool and dry with their natural comfort and versatility, giving you freedom to move with confidence. The fibers are well suited for sporting activities, thanks to their natural structure which enables moisture management. The structure of the fiber enables regulation of the absorption and release of moisture, which in turn contributes to performance by keeping the body pleasantly cool and dry.

 TENCEL™ Lyocell  Environmentally Responsible Athletic Wear

  • Sustainable production of botanic origin Clothes made of Tencel are more environment friendly than polyester as they generate less carbon pollution, rejection of micro-plastics and require less washing. Tencel fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources – natural forests and sustainable managed plantations. Wood and pulp used harvested from certified and controlled sources. On the contrary, the level of carbon emissions from polyester production (Normally used in performance/technical fabrics) is one of the highest carbon emission level of all industries. 

    Lenzing sustainable fiber production

  • Thermal regulation & sweat management The smooth fiber surface absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton. This supports the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping your skin feeling pleasantly cool and dry throughout your workout. Stay cool in warm temperatures and warm in cold temperatures.

    Although plant-based like other very good non-synthetic cellulose fibers: Modal and Viscose (Rayon), TENCEL™ structure comes from a different manufacturing process and gives TENCEL™ improved moisture absorbency and breathability. The dark areas show water absorbed into the structure of the fibre. Picture: Lenzing Fibres

Organic fabrics absorbing more water under microscopic images

  • Unfavorable for bacterial growth The fibers absorb moisture efficiently. In comparison to polyester and synthetics, there is less available moisture formed on the surface of the fiber for bacteria to grow, offering better hygienic qualities to fabrics and less odour and sweat stains. It also means less washing.

Perfect for spring running, hiking, biking or your post-workout cool down

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Most of our fabric are also GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard for ecology and social responsability) and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified (Skin friendly, hypoallergenic fiber, no skin harmful toxins)

Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS - Environmental & Social ResponsibilityOEKO-TEX Standard 100- Fabric tested for harmful chemical substances