Activn Story - The Making of an Eco-Friendly Athletic Clothing Brand

Posted by Nicolas Mekchoudi on

Activn,  proudly Canadian Made, sports apparel brand was created out of a deep passion for fitness and sustainability, a strong enthusiasm for anything digital and a life story based on entrepreneurship.

Sustainable clothing brand

Our choice of using sustainable premium fabrics sourced in Canada, is part of a global movement with at its core the real need of pushing back against fast fashion in sportswear and the over use of polyester as the main content for activewear (Polyester is a synthetic, derived from petroleum and chemicals that can’t biodegrade or be recycled easily. Carbon emissions from polyester production is also one of the highest carbon emission industries worldwide). That said, natural, eco-friendly textiles like TENCEL™ lyocell, organic cotton, bamboo and the likes more than often beat synthetic fabrics in terms of comfort, breathability, sweat absorption, thermal regulation, odour management and more. Perfect to keep cool in the summer heat and hot in the winter cold!

From basic sketches, branding ideas, to sourcing the best fabrics that respect high standards of quality and performance, sampling, testing and now production (Made in Canada!!) of the initial 3 styles, it is has been a fascinating journey, I am now looking forward to have this exciting sustainable line of clothing fully in stock, get your feedbacks and continuing to build a more purposeful fitness clothing sector. Buy less often but buy better quality products!

Sustainable men's workout clothes for running, yoga, gym, hiking, biking and more

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